A Level Physics

Pupils are entered for the EDEXCEL Physics A Level.


A Level
Advanced Physics 1:

Examined at the end of Year 13 (30% of the final grade)

Electric Circuits
Further Mechanics
Electric and Magnetic Fields
Nuclear and Particle Physics

Advanced Physics 2:

Examined at the end of Year 13 (30% of the final grade)

Waves and the Nature of Light
Nuclear Radiation
Gravitational Fields

General and Practical Principles in Physics:

Examined at the end of the Year 13 (40% of the final grade). This question paper draws on any part of the course and will contain questions which assess understanding of experimental methods and analytical techniques, including the core practicals.

Science Practical Endorsement

Pupils will also work towards the practical endorsements in lessons completing 16 set practical activities over the 2 years. This will lead to a Pass or Fail of the endorsement. This element is completely separate to the A level and no marks from this contribute towards the final A level grade. 


Physics is traditionally seen as one of the most difficult A Level subjects. The jump from GCSE is significant.

Pupils making a success of the course need to be able to work independently and to have a high level of mathematical ability. It is highly recommended
that students also take A Level Mathematics as the progression from A Level Physics into Higher Education Physics Courses will require it.

The minimum entry requirements for academic level 3 study apply.

In addition:
All students must have Grade 6+ in Maths owing to the considerable mathematical content of the new A Levels. It is strongly recommended also that students have attained Grade 7 or better in GCSE science subjects. The minimum entry requirements for Double Award Students are Grades 6 and 7 in Science. The minimum entry requirements for Triple Award Students are 6 in Physics plus Grade 6 in one other science and performance in the exam components may be taken into account, given the 100% examined nature of the A Level.

You will be required to complete independent study throughout the course.

Further course details can be obtained from: http://qualifications.pearson.com/en/qualifications/edexcel-a-levels/physics-2015.html