A Level English Literature


A-level English Literature aims to equip students with higher level analytical and evaluative skills to discuss and write on a variety of fiction texts. Students will be introduced to key texts in the literary canon.


Students read and study an exciting wide range of prose, poetry and plays with a focus on genre and narrative methods. There truly is something for everyone. They study both pre- and post-1900 texts including a Shakespearean tragedy. Texts are studied in relation to their social, historical and cultural contexts and a variety of different interpretations are considered during lessons.

Throughout the course there is a focus on close analysis of the language and structure of texts. There is emphasis on sophisticated essay writing skills and written expression.


Students must enjoy reading and be prepared to re-read the set texts a number of times. They must have strong analytical skills and enjoy class discussion. The ability to undertake independent study outside of the classroom is a prerequisite to success. Fluent written expression is also crucial.


At A-level, English Literature is mainly assessed by examination, alongside a small coursework component in the second year.


We are part of an increasingly competitive global economy and so the range of skills developed in the study of English are highly valued by employers, colleges and universities alike. English Literature is one of the ‘preferred’ subject choices for Oxbridge arts/humanities courses. Success in English is essential for entry to virtually all careers; specific careers that employ English skills include law, journalism, teaching and management consultancy.


The minimum entry requirements for level 3 academic study apply. In addition, applicants will require at least a Grade 5 and 6 in their English GCSEs.

For further information, please see:
www.qualifications.pearson.com/en/home.html (KSHS)
www.ocr.org.uk (Carre’s)