NVQ/SVQ CAA Diploma Level 2 Site Carpentry


The Level 2 Diploma in Site Carpentry is a two-year course is designed to develop the skills and knowledge of people, enabling them to work in the industry in their chosen craft. It has been specifically developed for delivery in a training environment using simulated conditions, and the test(s) are based on the learner showing what they can do as an individual through the completion of all the requirements of the qualification.

The Qualification comprises:
  • general core units
  • occupation specific units
  • synoptic practical assignment
  • multiple choice unit end tests
  • online testing of knowledge.
All the units of training must be completed by each learner. ALL outcomes must be achieved during the training programme. To gain the diploma, learners must achieve all units, the synoptic practical assignment and multiple choice unit tests. They must also pass the GOLA online test. Another important feature of the qualification is that it provides a progression route towards achieving a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ).


This course consists of 8 compulsory units separated into knowledge and skills.

The units are as follows:

L1Core01: safe working practices in construction

L2Core04: knowledge or information, quantities and communicating with others

L2Core05: knowledge of building methods and construction technology

L10cc11: first fix skills and knowledge

L20cc36: second fix skills and knowledge

L20cc37: erect structural work skills and knowledge

L20cc38: maintenance skills and knowledge

L20cc39: circular saws (fixed and transportable) skills


Following the successful completion of the one year course, students are able to progress onto an apprenticeship through St George’s Academy or enrol onto our Level 3 Diploma course entitled Construction and the Built Environment.