A Level Drama & Theatre Studies


By following the EdExcel syllabus of this course you will gain a deeper understanding of how theatre works and you will have opportunities to be a performer, a designer and active audience member. In all these areas you will gain skills and understanding that will prove to be valuable and rewarding in the future.


Whatever your previous experience, being an AS Drama and Theatre student will be thought provoking, challenging and exciting. Much of your time will be spent working practically with others. A lot of your enjoyment and achievement depends on your commitment to working as a member of a team. regular attendance and punctuality is important.

You will also need to work as an individual in researching material and your knowledge and understanding down on paper. You must be prepared to work independently, whether for seeing theatre performances, carrying out research, learning lines, acquiring props or rehearsing for performance.


The minimum entry requirements for level 3 academic study apply. Additionally you should have a Grade 6 or above in English and you will be required to take part in an audition.




A Level Drama & Theatre will be assessed through a combination of a 40% written exam and 60% internal assessment.

You will be required to demonstrate a practical understanding of two complete performance texts and at least three key extracts from three other texts. You must study the work and methodologies of two theatre practitioners at A2.

You will be required to participate in a minimum of two performances, one which is devised and one from a studied text.


Students who have completed Drama and Theatre may move onto a variety of university courses or specialist performance schools. There is also career opportunities in all areas of the arts in addition to Performance or teaching.