A Level English Language


The A level in English Language encourages learners to develop their interest and enjoyment of English as they develop and apply their understanding of the concepts and methods appropriate for the analysis and study of language; explore data and examples of language in use; engage creatively and critically with a varied programme for the study of English; develop their skills as producers and interpreters of language and independently investigate language in use. The course is designed to foster learners’ independence as they explore English language in a variety of contexts. It provides learners with opportunities to develop a wide and deep knowledge of the systems of the English language and of issues relating to language and its uses. Throughout this course, learners are presented with opportunities to develop their own creativity, both in the ways they think about language and in the ways they develop expertise in using language to communicate in different ways.


At A level there is a focus on linguistic analysis of the spoken and written word. Students are required to learn and apply terminology in the analysis of a variety of texts, both fiction and non-fiction. They will consider the creation and production of texts and will have an opportunity to create and analyse their own writing. Later on in the course, students examine specific issues in language and its relation to power, gender, situation and child language acquisition. They will also study how language changes over time and will learn how to analyse texts from different historical periods. Students will study language of the 21st Century and the impact that technology has on our language. There is a coursework element, for which students will conduct and produce an investigation into an area of language use of their own choosing.


Students must enjoy reading and be prepared to read a range of fiction and non-fiction texts. They must have strong analytical skills and enjoy class discussion. The ability to undertake independent study outside of the classroom is a prerequisite to success. Fluent written expression is also crucial.


At A-level, English Language is mainly assessed by examination (three in total), alongside a language investigation coursework component in the second year.


The range of skills developed in the study of English Language are highly valued by employers, colleges and universities alike. English Language is a highly desirable A level for a range of degree subjects. An ability to communicate confidently and coherently in English is essential for entry to virtually all careers; specific careers that employ English skills include law, journalism, teaching and management consultancy.


The minimum entry requirements for level 3 academic study apply. In addition, applicants will require at least a Grade 5 and 6 in their English GCSEs.