BTEC Nationals in Travel & Tourism


This course aims to prepare students for a career in the Travel & Tourism industry and give an opportunity to develop transferable and higher order skills. The program of study is designed to introduce the theory behind tourism as a business specialism and to prepare for further study in higher education. Alongside this, students gain the practical project management skills associated with the research of four chosen project topics


The course is modular in format with an option to take the single award, equivalent to one A Level, or the combined double award, equivalent to two A Levels.

Single Award (Extended Certificate)
The World of Travel and Tourism Industry
Managing the Customer Experience
Global Travel Destinations
Plus one Optional Unit
Double Award Diploma Additional Units
Travel and Tourism Enterprizes
Research Current Issues in Travel and Tourism
The UK as a Tourist Destination
Plus one Optional Unit

All 8 units combine to form the double award.


Students will benefit form a genuine interest in the travel business, news and current affairs, especially events that relate to the tourism industry. An interest in geography is also very useful. This course is very dependant on the students’ own self directed study and the creation of coursework portfolio units. This course calls for students to be very self-disciplined. 

The presentations that are given also require students to be prepared to develop their ability to write clearly and express ideas one to one and in larger groups. As such, the ability to work well in private study and as a member of a team is a very big advantage.


The course comprises coursework portfolio assessment, externally set coursework tasks and examinations.


Upon completion of this course students go on to study travel and related tourism management subjects. Often, students combine their interest in a foreign language or sport and go on to study a sport or international management course. In addition, students have taken employment and management training positions in the tourism industry across a range of sectors including Tour Operators, Airlines, Sports Centres and Hotels.


The minimum entry requirements for level 3 applied study apply. In addition students are expected to have gained a BTEC Merit or GCSE, grade 5 in Business Studies or a similar related subject such as Geography.