Employability & Personal Skills


This course is designed for those students who enter Sixth Form needing a year to prepare them for Level 3 study or employment. The tailored programme has been developed to ensure that the knowledge, skills and understanding they provide are relevant, current and useful for both learners and potential employers. Students have the opportunity to achieve a nationally recognised Level 2 qualification. On completion students may wish to progress to a related general and/ or vocational qualifications, or enter employment in a particular vocational sector.


The key component necessary to make the most of this opportunity is the desire to become a confident team contributor in the world of work. There may also be additional enrichment opportunities to acquire desirable qualifications such as First Aid certification and Basic Food Hygiene Awards.

The program includes a range of subjects and areas, such as:

• Developing your CV
• Applying for Jobs and Preparing for the Recruitment Process
• Preparing for and Learning from Work Placement
• Managing Your Own Money
• Managing Transition into Work
• Learning from More Experienced People
• Developing Resilience for Work
• Solving Work-related Problems
• Practising Leadership Skills with Others
• Presenting a Professional Image
• Qualities and Transferable Skills for Work
• Self-management Skills


Skills will be assessed via coursework and observation


There are no formal entry requirements other than a real desire to develop as an effective young adult who has the skills to succeed