'You're constantly pushing your limits to face new challenges. The new experiences you gain from the Joint Sixth Form are both enjoyable and beneficial.' STUDENT

Sixth Form should be a different experience from year 7 - 11 and this is certainly true in the Joint Sixth Form. Post 16, students learn best in a co-educational environment and both schools in the Sleaford Joint Sixth Form are co-educational at sixth form level.

Sleaford Joint Sixth Form provides a unique transitional opportunity which creates a bridge between school and university or working life. The opportunity to be treated in an adult manner, to be expected to take responsibility for your own learning whilst having the support and guidance of staff, is one to be grasped.

'I came here for the sports provision and found it was a lot better than my last school.' STUDENT


Students in the Sleaford Joint Sixth Form have access to all the facilities in each school as their courses demand. Many of the facilities have been built in recent years including, science labs, technology workshops, computer rooms, art and drama studios, outdoor and indoor sports facilities, driving simulator, TV and music recording studios and state of the art fitness suites. The schools currently have Sixth Form study areas, library resources and internet access and have recently undergone building programmes to further enhance the Sixth Form experience for the Sixth Form. 

Additional Studies

Apart from the academic courses offered in Sleaford Joint Sixth Form, students pursue a range of other activities and courses as components of their Sixth Form programme. These courses and activities are intended to develop the personal and social character of the students. They also help to improve students study skills and prepare them for life in higher education or employment. Time is allocated on Wednesday afternoons for enrichment, games and leisure activities. Students who wish to do community service or who wish to fulfil the work experience requirement of a particular course (e.g. Health and Social Care, Engineering) or in preparation for a particular career such as Teaching may use this time or another time in the week for that purpose.

There is a wide range of extra-curricular activities available in Sleaford Joint Sixth Form including sports, drama, musical activities and the opportunity to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme. Many students also participate in County events either in sports teams or as members of the County bands and orchestras.

Apart from all these opportunities, students also organise their own entertainment and social activities. Each year there is a Leavers' Prom, which is a formal social event. Students also take full part in the life of their base school for example as a Prefect, Senior Student or Head Boy / Girl.