Code of Conduct


The smart appearance of students contributes to our reputation and the impression we make on visitors is important. These visitors may include local employers and university admissions tutors. As young adults you are required to adhere to the Staff and Sixth Form Dress Code.

Failure to do so will result in:
1st time: removal from general circulation – isolated with form tutor for non-timetabled time (frees, break, lunch) and letter home
2nd time: sent home, meeting with parent


Every aspect of your timetable is key to your success in some way, including registration and assemblies. Aim for 100% attendance and, where absence is unavoidable, be proactive in bringing in a note and catching up work missed before the next lesson. Ensure you are registered on site at all times and at Carres & KSHS as appropriate.

Truancy from any aspect will result in:
1st time: isolated with tutor for non-timetabled time for one day and letter home
2nd time: isolated with Vice-Principal, meeting with parent and placed onto timetable report for two weeks


Students who are late to lessons disrupt the start of the lesson and result in loss of learning time for all learners in the group. Students who are late for the start of the day will miss valuable information, but also can develop a habit of being tardy. This could result in you finding it hard to find employment. Punctuality for all these reasons is therefore important.

Lateness to lessons will result in the subject teacher reclaiming time owed at break or lunch.
Lateness to registration will result in a letter home.
Persistent lateness will result in an after school detention and a meeting with parents.


As a young adult you have certain privileges, including being able to bring entertainment and communication devices to the Academy. These come with the responsibility to look after them and use them sensitively. It is not appropriate to have them out in lessons or to use them in the sight of younger students.

Use of phones etc. in lessons will result in their confiscation and they can then be collected at the end of the day from the Vice Principal.
Repeated disruption caused by use of phones etc. will result in loss of the privilege of being allowed to bring them.


You have chosen to stay on to Sixth Form and specialise in your chosen courses. The contact time you have with your teachers form a very valuable part of your course and the learning environment for all must be protected at all costs. This means the standard of behaviour is very high and you will be expected to be a positive and valuable contributor to every lesson.

Disruption of the learning environment in lessons will result in:
1st time: after school detention and meeting with parent
2nd time: contract resulting in termination of place if broken


The private study time is key to your success on your courses and so it must be used wisely. Those students on green flags have the freedom to choose what to do and when to do it but their decisions must not affect the ability of other students to concentrate on their own learning.

Disruption of the learning environment in the study facilities will result in:
1st time: being asked to leave the area
2nd time: being banned from the area for a week, plus letter home


Students on green flags may choose where and what to study during their free periods providing the choices they make do not negatively affect the learning environment for others. Students on red flags must sign in with Mrs Drake and work by her. She and your tutor will ensure you are well supported to remove the red flag as quickly as possible. The red flag report will be sent to form tutors daily and students will be made aware.

Failure to sign in for a red flag will result in:
1st time: isolated with form tutor for non-timetabled time (frees, break, lunch) and letter home
2nd time: meeting with parents and onto report for one week. Failure to clear a flag after five days will result in a meeting with the Vice Principal and your parents to discuss the matter in more detail.
Persistent red flags will result in being placed on a contract.


The Academy is a fantastic place to learn with more facilities than many other schools. The Sixth Form are extremely fortunate to have a brand new study room, two libraries and the stable block in which to study. All students are required to respect the environment, to not drop litter and to only eat or drink in a designated area. All students should play their part in looking after the environment, this includes respectfully challenging anyone who you see misusing the facilities or referring it to a member of staff.

Careless use of the facilities will result in a one-week ban from using them.
Wilful damage to the facilities may result in you being asked to leave the Sixth Form.

If you have any questions please contact the Sixth Form Administrator at either St George's Academy or Robert Carre Trust.