A Level Photography (Lens based medias) EDEXCEL


Photography has been used by practitioners to record, document and present examples of everyday life, in ordinary and extraordinary circumstances. It has
also been used as the vehicle for artistic expression, communicating personal ideas about the world around us. It is used to convey personal identity more widely
than any other art form, is applied in the creative process across art, craft and design and is widely used in social, commercial and scientific contexts. The development of affordable lens-based technology has changed the way that both professionals and the public use photography.


This course is focused on digital and darkroom photography, animation, video and digital media with Fine Art practical skills. This diverse and exciting course will equip students to make meaningful and high quality artwork in a variety of lens based medias. On the course students are given the opportunity to take part in our visual arts programme of activities which include working with practising artists and practitioners, life drawing, study visits to London and New York are just some examples from the busy visual arts calendar. If you are interested in taking Art to ‘A’ Level you must be committed and focused to the subject, having confidence and enjoyment in visual language.

Disciplines within Photography:
• Mixed media work
• Printmaking / collage & photomontage
• Digital and darkroom photography
• Animation and Video


1. Personal Investigation - Internally set theme and project work, incorporates three major elements: supporting studies, practical work, and a personal study, which begins in the final part of Year 1 and makes up 60% of the A Level grade. Supporting studies and practical work will comprise a portfolio of development work and outcomes based on themes and ideas developed from personal starting points. The personal study will be evidenced through critical written communication showing contextual research and understanding in a minimum 1000 words of continuous prose, which may contain integrated images. The personal investigation component follows the foundation stage of the course, which takes place in the first part of the first year. The foundation stage will equip students with fresh approaches and skills within lens based media, which they will bring into their personal investigation. Starting with practical workshops to build their skills in Lens based media, enabling them to make an individual and original interpretation from a given theme.

2. Externally Set Assignment - Externally set theme, which makes up 40% of the A Level grade consisting of two elements: preparatory work and a final outcome, which is produced in 15 hours.


All work is internally moderated and then externally moderated by an EDEXCEL moderator. Formal assessment points throughout the year are followed in the department in line with school policy.


Recent students have followed degrees in a range of different disciplines through direct entry at top universities such as Edinburgh/Glasgow/Norwich school of Art, Newcastle, Reading and Leeds and entry to foundation years at Art school. Completion of an Art A Level can lead to working in the creative industries with careers such as; Fine Arts, Advertising and marketing, Architecture, Crafts, Product design, illustration, graphic design and fashion design, Film, TV, video, radio and photography, IT, software and computer services, Publishing, Museums, galleries and libraries, performing arts and general visual arts. A creative subject can be used by students as a facilitating subject, which is desired in many different careers for independent thinking and confidence in problem solving.


If you are interested in taking Photography to ‘A’ Level you must be committed and focused to the subject, having confidence and enjoyment in visual language. Enjoy taking risks, learning new techniques and thinking freely and independently.
The minimum entry requirements for Level 3 academic study apply. In addition. applicants will require a Grade 6 in an Art/Creative Specialism.