CTEC Level 3 Business


This exciting new program of study aims to equip students with the practical knowledge and skills to become an effective business practitioner. The course focuses on the vocational and practical aspects of business management, developed through group activity and project based work. This modular course is available in ‘single’ or ‘double’ options. The course of study is very much ‘hands on’, with the emphasis on marketing, individual projects and team based working.


The CTEC Level 3 Business program will follow the new NQF syllabus. All courses are completed over a two year period.

Single Double

Extended Certificate

360 GLH


720 GLH

5 Units 5 Units
1. Business Environment (Examination) 3. Business Decisions (Examination)
2. Working in Business (Examination) 6. Marketing Strategy (Coursework)
4. Customers and Communication (Coursework) 7. Marketing Campaign (Coursework) 
5. Marketing and Market Research (Coursework) 15. Change Management (Examination)
16. Principles of Project Management (Coursework) 22. Delivering a Business Project (Coursework)

All ten units combine to make the double award.


Students will benefit from an inquiring mind and an interest in current affairs especially in the business world. The course is underpinned by the students’ own self-directed study and the creation of coursework portfolio units, which require self-discipline and an ability to write clearly and express ideas which are supported by research. A high level of student participation is expected in activities and visits. The ability to work well in private study and as a member of a team is a very big advantage on this course.


This course is assessed though the submission of self-directed coursework, presented as portfolios by students at the end of each unit studied, examination and exam board assessed assignments.


Students taking this course progress to college or university to study a related subject or go directly into work in supervisory and management positions in a broad range of industries. The practical nature of the course assists in equipping students with the interpersonal and business skills valued by employers in the workplace across all sectors of industry. A core component of the course is the study and experience of setting up and running a small business enterprise and many students consider this as a longer term objective, supported by the knowledge and experience gained from the course.


The minimum entry requirements for level 3 applied study apply. In addition, students will be required to have achieved at least grade 4 in maths. Grade 5 in maths and English would be an advantage for this course.