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The Sleaford Joint Sixth Form ensures students are on target and completing work by having a system in place called the Red Flag System. Students on green flags may choose where and what to study during their free periods providing the choices they make do not negatively affect the learning environment for others. Students receive red flags for not completing homework and classwork. Students on red flags must sign in with the Sixth Form Administrator and work in the same area as them. The Sixth Form Administrator and the Form Tutor will ensure you are well supported to remove the red flag as quickly as possible. The red flag report is displayed daily and it is the responsibility of the student to check their status.

If students on a red flag fail to sign in this will result in:

1st time: a phone call home.
2nd time: an after school detention and a letter home.

Failure to clear a flag after five days will result in a meeting with the Vice Principal and your parents to discuss the matter in more detail and take appropriate action.

Persistent red flags will result in being placed on a contract.